1. First you need to install the free VPN client.

1.1. Go to the website http://www.vpngate.net/en/download.aspx and download from there the program SoftEther VPN Client + VPN Gate Client Plugin.

1.2. Open the downloaded archive and launch the installer (*.exe).

1.3. Opens the setup window and choose SoftEther VPN Client and click “Next >”.

1.4. Next, accept the license agreement by putting a “Tick” and click “Next >”.

1.5. Again click “Next >”.

1.6. Choose the installation folder of the program (by default or specify your own) and click “Next >”.

1.7. Again click “Next >”.

2. Change your IP by running SoftEther VPN Client Manager.

2.1. In the running program, select the item “VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers”.

2.2. In the new window do the sorting by Country and looking for a server in Japan with best speed and a small number of connections, select it and click “Connect to the VPN Server”.

2.3. In the new window select the “Use UDP Protocol (Ethernet over UDP VPN)” and click “OK”.

2.4. If everything goes well, then there will be a connection to this server and your IP will change. If the connection to the server fails, select a different server or connection protocol.

To have better connection and ping better to use paid program Mudfish! Guide for this program you can find here!

3. The first phase of registration Japanese account Pmag.

3.1. Go to the official website https://www.blessonline.jp/ obligatory under Japanese IP.

3.2. On the upper right, click the “Login” button (see the image below).

3.3. You will be redirected to a new page and there click the biggest “Red button” on the left.

3.4. Again, you will be redirected to a new page and there just click the big “Red button” on the left.

3.5. Now, on the new page, Account Registration begins.

3.5.1. In the first line, enter the Email, it will be the Login. On the right is the check button whether the mail is busy.

3.5.2. Below, you must enter the Password twice. The password must be between 4-14 characters, have at least one letter and number.

3.5.3. Next select Birth Date from the drop down menu.

3.5.4. The last point is the choice of the Gender. Left Male, right Female.

3.5.5. Below agree to the User agreement by placing a “Check mark” and click “Black button”.

3.5.6. On the new page, confirm the entered data by clicking the right “Red button”.

3.5.7. After it is redirected to a new page and now it is necessary to go to the Email, which was indicated at registration, and open a new letter from Pmag. In the letter, click the link on the image below.

3.5.8. You will be redirected to the page where it is necessary to confirm the previously entered data by pressing the “Black button”.

3.5.9. One more letter will come to the Email, there is nothing to confirm in it.

4.The second phase of registration Japanese account Pmag.

4.1. Begins the most difficult, enter the Japanese captcha. Go to the official website https://www.blessonline.jp/ and repeat step 3.2.

4.2. Enter the Login and Password, which you specified during registration and click the red button “LOGIN”.

4.3. On the new page, now you need to enter the Japanese captcha. Button to the right of the captcha it updates. “Red button” in the center – confirms the input of the captcha

4.4. Ways of entering the captcha. It is better to combine both.

4.4.1. Google Translator https://translate.google.com You can draw a symbol in it, like selecting it below and copy it from the field to the captcha.

4.4.2. Website with the Japanese alphabet http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/hiragana.htm Choose a similar symbol and copy it into captcha.

4.5. If you correctly input the captcha new page will open and it is necessary to click the left “Gray button”. If the captcha is entered incorrectly, the page appears from paragraph 4.2.

4.6. Account registration is complete. One more letter should come to the Email. There will be information about Your System and IP.

4.7. Now when you go to the main site https://www.blessonline.jp/ on the right above you will see that you are login.

According to our information, it’s enough to enter the captcha once. Re-entry may be required when entering from another computer. Changing IP does not affect captcha. I advise you not to clean your browser cookie!

5. Download and Install the client.

5.1. Go to the website https://bless.pmang.jp/info/member/gameinfo/download and download two files by clicking “Buttons 1 and 2”. The first one is the setup launch file *.exe – BLESS_20171102. 2nd is an archive with game files *.zip – BLESS_20171102_1. During the download, you can disable the VPN connection to increase the speed.

5.2. Downloaded the above two files should be in the same folder.

5.3. Run BLESS_20171102.exe to start the installation of the game. Select the installation folder (by right clicking on the specified button) and click the lower left button to confirm.

6. The first launch of the game.

6.1. Go to the website https://bless.pmang.jp/ and click the left blue-red button “GAME START”. Be sure to do this under the Japanese VPN.

6.2. A new tab will open and click on the “Green button”. You will be offered to download the plugin pmang_common_module.exe

6.3. Run the downloaded plugin. It’s better to install it in the same folder as the game. Top right button – select the installation folder. Lower left – confirm the installation process.

6.4. Now on the site where you clicked the “Green button”, you have to click the “Red button”.

6.5. A pop-up window will appear in the Browser. It is better to put a checkmark to remember the action, and click the “Left button”.

6.6. Will start the game Launcher. He will start to check the files in the beginning, when the process will end – click the “Red button”.

6.7. Another file check will start. After it starts the Anti-cheat XIGNCODE3. The first start will download Anti-cheat, so under VPN it may take some time. If the start does not start, then click the “Red button” in the Launcher.

6.8. As soon as Anti-cheat downloading is finished, a game image will appear in the center of the screen and the game client will start.

6.9. At startup, a window with an “Error” may pop up. Just click “OK” and the Game client will continue to run.

7. Re-start the game u must to do the points 2.1-2.4, 6.1, 6.4-6.9!

Guide for installing and starting the Game client is based on Windows 10, other versions may have additional difficulty!

8. English patch (translation) for Game client.

8.1. English patch (translation) download from here: http://terrytie.su/ENG.rar

8.2. Installing the English patch (translation).

8.2.1. Installation option №1. At Launcher launch time, you should have to open the folder …\GameOn\Bless\BLGame\Localization Once the Launcher finishes checking the files and disappears, you need to quickly transfer the JPN folder from the archive (ENG.rar) to the Localization folder (… \ GameOn \ Bless \ BLGame \ Localization) with the files replaced. It is advisable to replace the files before the boot image appears.

8.2.2. Installation option №2 by Symeria. Unpack the downloaded archive ENG.rar in a place convenient for You. Open the standard Notepad application (you can use any analogue of this program). In Notepad, enter the following line: xcopy /s/e/Y “Here you specify the full path to the files localization in the JPN folder” “Here we specify the full path to the Japanese translation files in the game client in the JPN folder”

It looks like I have: xcopy /s/e/Y “C:\Users\TerryTie\Desktop\JPN\ENG\JPN” “C:\Games\GameOn\Bless\BLGame\Localization\JPN” In Notepad, press “File – Save As …” and write the name of the file ENG.bat (Instead of ENG, there can be any name, the main thing is that the extension .bat was specified). Save the file by clicking the “Save” button. The file ENG.bat (the extension can be hidden) will appear in the folder where you saved it. Once Launcher finishes checking files and disappears, you need to quickly run the ENG.bat file, it will automatically replace the translation files. It is advisable to run the ENG.bat file before the boot image appears.

8.3.3. The procedure for changing translation files (paragraph and must be done each time the client is started, as the Launcher pushes the files to the original if they are changed.

If possible, English patch (translation) will be updated. It is recommended to return the original JPN folder (with Japanese translation) before starting the game!


  1. do you have a torrent for korean version or zip file? the download will take 2 weeks, its extremely slow!! with japan i
    have too high ping and i dont wanna download the software for reducing ping, i wanna play on korea again :(( please. thank you <3333


  2. thank you description. I have problem .. all time i login website need re-enter img capatcha verification.. my browser enabled cookie, and i use same ip! not chaned ip or browser .. but need re-enter. please help and find methode that how can off all time verification……… thank you

  3. When I go to the website where you say “3.2. On the upper right, click the «Login» button (see the image below). ” I don’t see this, its just a black am I doing something wrong?

  4. im stuck at the launcher part. 6.5 > 6.6
    i do everything but what opens is Pmang sort of program with icons of games. (its the program i downloaded from pmang.jp 6.4 6.5)

    the launcher of the game never seem to open as shown in 6.6 and theres nothing to press at pmang.exe only clicking in game icon and goes to ‘recomended pc specs’ but thats it.

    what do i do?

  5. the game have bad optimization? i have i7 7700 3.6 ghz GTX 1050 TI 8gb ram, and i have to play it in low setting with drop fps…why it this? how can fix it?

    • Tried it with mudfish 3 with three different email addresses, all give the same error once I’ve confirmed the email address and try to login to the captcha step.

      Error message translates to

      It is Pmang (pepper) management team. A connection situation which is not supposed normally occurs in the customer’s usage environment. For safety confirmation, login is temporarily restricted. If we can confirm that it is safe, we will cancel it within 24 hours at the longest. ※ In Pmang (Pepper), we may restrict the use as a safety measure based on the “Terms of Service” below. https://www.pmang.jp/about/agree If you can not log in even if the above time has passed, please contact us from Pmang (Pepper) top page “If you can not log in, click here

  6. Hey,

    Great job, thanks a lot for your guide !

    Can you please answer these questions ?
    – Isnt the game supposed to be buy to play ? Why are we able to play on japan servers for free ?
    – What is the state of the game, I mean, we won’t have any updates, right ?

    Thanks a gain !

    • Hello!
      1. Bless in all regions is F2P (Japan, Korea, Russia was), in Steam will be too.
      2. Where havent updates? In Japan they will be in future, when i dont know. Neowis have more 45 content and 50 content, that didnt see Japan yet.

  7. I’ve installed the game and using http://terrytie.su/?p=1055​ but have run into an issue after step 6.9.

    The game starts but hangs at the initial Bless splash screen after the Neowiz etc credits. I assume it’s the screen that should have the menu selection but it only has the background image of the castle, etc. I need to click the close browser x to shut it down. When I do this it asks in JP if I want to close the game (yes, no) so it’s not actually locked or unresponsive. Just can’t do anything with it.

    I’m logged in and on Private Internet Access VPN.

    Any help is appreciated!

  8. Stuck in step 5.3. I cannot install the game. The error says “Not enough file count” and also another window opens with japanese messages.

  9. hi, i’ve downloaded the game and the plugin but when i click on the red button in point 6.4, there’s no response. In the website top right corner it says pmang is under maintenance for the past 2 days. what do i do? please help.


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